Week 6 (June 11-14)

This is my last week of Endersession. I am going to miss everyone at Croom’s Catering & BBQ, but I am glad I did this internship it has taught me so much, prepared me for culinary school and owning my own restaurant, and reassured me that this is the career I want to pursue.    

Week Five (June 4-8)

Both Robin and Lance gave me some owner/manager advice. They told me the way to run a good restaurant is you have to know your employees and their strengths. If someone has great people skills and confidence they should be in the front of the house at the register. If someone is organized and efficient they should be on the line making the food. Then if someone is kind of shy, but a hard worker they should be behind the scenes washing dishes or bussing tables. 



Week Four (May 28-31)

While I was washing dishes one day, Lance asked me if I wanted to own my own restaurant. I told him that after I finished college with a dual degree in Baking & Pastry Arts and Food Service Management that I wanted to open my own bakery. Then he asked me who taught me how to wash dishes so efficiently? I laughed a little and told him I learned from my dad, my military dad. Lance told me I was doing the right thing doing an internship in what I wanted to do with my life. He said in the industry and especially when you are the owner of the restaurant, you need to know all the roles and aspects of the business. That means as an owner you are not above washing dishes, taking out the trash or bussing tables.

PS: PROM IS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week Three (May 21-24)

Finished my cake, with a little help from Lucette!!!!!!!!image


Make A Cake and Eat It Too (May 14-17)

This week was alright. I mainly worked the register, This week was alright. I mainly worked the register, while working with Robin she explained to me the importance of organization in a restaurant. She told me that everything should have a place and a way to do it. Like at Croom’s we have a recipe book that has all recipes for everything we make, so that every time something is made it is consistent with the last. She also told me about the use of dating and labeling. When we bake pastries or grill meats we label it with a color coded sticker with the date on it, this way we will know what to use, the oldest product first. Plus my mentor is going to let me make and design a cake all by myself. I am going to use the cake as the cake for the memorial day bbq!!!

First Week Down 5 To Go (May 12)

Wow, today was just like yesterday, crazy busy!  Then the wild lunch rush started. People and call in orders came all flooded in at once. Even though there was a lot of customers, I liked the challenge and I wasn’t bored for one minute. I actually got to close today, I had to wish dishes though, but guess who got to take home two peach cobblers and a whole pecan pie?!?!?!    

My First Rush (May 11)

Wow, today was crazy busy! Well first I was working with two new guys, well new to me. Then the wild lunch rush started. People and call in orders came all flooded in at once. It is good I learned how to use the register fast, because if I didn’t I would have drowned in the tickets. Even though there was a lot of customers, I liked the challenge and I wasn’t bored for one minute. Plus I didn’t give to wash any dishes!!! :P 

Grad Nite!!! (May 9-10)

My mentors gave me both days off, so I could fully enjoy Gad Nite!!! :)

Movin On Up (May 8)

Today I was trained by the manager of opening procedures. Which consisted of turning on the steam table so the food on the line stays hot. Next I weighed out portions of ribs the put on the line. The rest of the day I worked the register and started taking orders four minutes after I learned how. The manager said I catch on quick, I even filled a few orders! I was on a good roll, but I messed up a couple orders by typing in the wrong special. But then I got it together and finished the day strong by filling an order for a to go ribs and trip tip dinner.  

My pay for the day :)

My pay for the day :)